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stranger 10-03-2019, 15:30 Просмотров: 62    
Welcome to Dnipro City!

The city of Dnipro (ex Dnipropetrovsk) or Dnepr (Rus.) is situated on the Dnieper River (Dnepr or Dnipro) in East-Central Ukraine (look World map and Ukraine map), and has a population of 1 million (third city in the country by population). Large and beautiful, it is the main city of East-Central Ukraine. Dnipro is a dynamic and lively city.

The city is surprising green along the wide and slow-moving Dnieper river (Dnepr in Russian, Dnipro in Ukrainian) and has remarkable embankments, long boulevards and spacious parks. It is also the major centre of high-technology industries, education, machine-building, metallurgy and trade. The city is not only famous for its commercial industry, but also its green hills and deep history.

The old fortress settlement has existed since the middle of the 16th century. The new town was founded in 1776 by the Russian Prince, Potemkin by order of Catherine II, Empress of the Russian Empire and was called Yekaterinoslav (Ekaterinoslav) from 1776 to 1926. During 1918 the town’s name was Sicheslav (The Glory for Sich’/Fortress of Cossacks).

Look the brief city guide here. dnipro.one! Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) has been the major center of the steel industry from the beginning of the 20th century until the present. It has also dominated in the machinebuilding and aero-spacebuilding industry since the 1950s. The International airport Dnipro (DNK) offers direct lines to and from Wien (Austria), Istanbul (Turkey), Tel Aviv (Israel) etc..



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